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starting of tile crafting

Delft and France

Because of my profession I was always interested in ceramic crafting and I started practicing it in 1994, when I started to copy tiles from the 17-18th century. I've leraned the basics through my own experiments and trials, but in 1997 I had the luck to take part in a practica in Provance for a couple of weeks. I spent this time in the atelier of the tile painter and crafter Alain Vagh, who uses the original delft technology of tile crafting. Most of the patterns painted are the exact copies of the old delft tiles, both in the motifs used and the crafting technique. But some of it derives from my inner world, which I feel is more realted to the 17th century than to today's reality, so I hope that the tiles I design don't differ that much from the old ones. Since a couple of years I'm very much intrested in the patterns and calligraphy of islamic tiles, so I started creating such aswell.